In case of call issues while roaming issues can be related to SIM card settings, Mobile device settings and/or Mobile network issues. Please check the mentioned items to resolve the issue:

Mobile network / Registration

- Is the device registered to the correct Mobile network?

Outside The Netherlands the Vamos SIM will connect to the foreign network of T-Mobile or one of the roaming partners. The available networks in a specific country can be checked on the Mobile Network - International Coverage

- Does the issue remains when the Mobile network is changed?


- Does the SIM Roaming Profile allow roaming in the area?

- Is the SIM card locked?

- Is flight mode (still) turned on?

Mobile device

There are a variety of settings on the mobile device which can cause inbound and/or outbound restrictions. 


- Is DND active?

- Is night modus active?

- Is Call Forwarding active?

- Are numbers blacklisted? 


- Is number recognition disabled? 

In case a user wants to make an anonymous outbound call he should use the Vamos App. Switching off number recognition on the mobile device itself will block the possibility to initiate outbound calls. 

In case the issue remains file a problem report.