Call Waiting allows the user to receive another incoming call while in an active call already. When enabled the calling party will not be redirected to Voicemail or other call scenarios.


The Call Waiting functionality is enabled by default for Vamos SIM Cards. If needed the status of the Call Waiting function can be changed on the mobile device itself.

For iOS

Go to Settings > Phone > Call Waiting:

- Toggle Call Waiting option

For Android

Open the default Dialer > Settings menu > Calling Accounts > Additional Settings:

- Toggle Call Waiting option

In case Call Waiting can not be set via Mobile device’s Settings menu call the following code to check or (de)activate the Call Waiting status:

- *#43# to check Call Waiting Status

- *43# to enable Call Waiting

- #43# to disable Call Waiting


The Settings menu can differ per type of mobile device and/or version of the operating system of the mobile device, we recommend that you consult the manual of the mobile device for this.