Adding devices to Zero touch provisioning means that when a device is created on the Company panel, the Kwebbl system sends special link to the Yealink/Gigaset/Panasonic service.

After the required factory reset, the device connects to Yealink/Gigaset/Panasonic service, gets a  special link to the Kwebbl system and receives all settings from our side.

During this step we push the settings set on the panel in the 'Device' tab in 2 files: 

- one file containing basic settings,

- one file containing the additional configuration (e.g. BLF buttons) and updated link for next provisioning.

The settings configured via Customize Device Behaviour option will remain available after device reboot or reset. Given  the described procedure, any additional manually configured settings (via web interface of the device) will be deleted after the Factory Reset and/or next auto provisioning session.