Sometimes a confusing situation may occur - calls are not answered while agents in the Queue are shown as available. One of the causes for this situation is the usage of DND mode on the devices by agents in the Queue. Whatever the reason for usage of DND is - it may mislead parties involved. 

DND mode is intended to make the device not ring on incoming calls and can be promptly activated/deactivated by pressing a single button on the device itself. This settings is bound to a device and not to the user of the device. Nobody can follow the activation of DND mode apart from the agent oneself, for our system an agent with a device with an activated DND mode is still considered to be available.

Since our system recognizes this agent as an available agent, the platform keeps on trying to reach the agent according to the set ring strategy and ring time. These attempts are answered with a 480 Temporarily Unavailable SIP response received by the agent’s device. 

At the same time our Queue functionality offers opportunity for an agent to log out from Queue or set the agent’s activity on pause by a number of handy tools. Changes ion agent’s status can be easily made on the Company panel, UC panel or via dialing a shortcode (see  Which shortcodes are available on the platform?). As a result, the agent's device will not ring on incoming calls and what is more - a supervisor can always observe actual agent's status thus estimating agent's activity and Queue performance.