If a call recording is considered to be missing, make sure that at the moment of the call the call recording option indeed was activated for the user.

Please, take into consideration the following:

- The short code to turn on/off recording in call is a toggle code, meaning dialing combined with the ‘On demand’ setting it will activate recording for the call, dialing combined with the ‘Always’ setting it will deactivate recording for the call.

- In case the call recording setting of an Extension is set to 'On demand' and was not activated by a short code, no recording of that call will be available at all, since by default calls are not recorded in 'On demand' setting.

- In case the call recording storage period for a company is set to 0, call recordings are not stored at all for the Company. You can check the Call recording settings via the General Settings in the Company panel.

If the call recording settings are confirmed to be correct and the call recording option to be enabled for the call, please let us know about the problem as soon as possible. We will check and if the call recording is available in the system - we may be able to restore it.

Important: The period of time we are able to check on a call recording linked to CDRs is restricted to 3 days, while call recordings not linked to CDRs (if a CDR is missing as well) are cleaned up every night.